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The Best Things To Do In Venice

Venice is an absolute dream and one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever been to. Whether you're travelling solo, with some friends or as a couple, there is something for everyone in Venice! Personally, it is not my favorite city as it is very "touristy", extremely busy and I found it was just a lot of shopping, but here are some of my local favorites if you do decide you want to cross it off your bucket list! I don't recommend staying here for more than 2 or 3 days unless you are going to do other day trips from the city.

1) Libreria Acqua Alta

Whether you are a fan of bookstores or not, this Is one of the most amazing bookstores I’ve ever been to. With thousands of books in every nook and cranny, a small terrace out back with a staircase made of books and a gondola in the middle of the store, this is truly a must-see attraction!

2) Check out a local Pub

There are pubs and bars spread out all over the city, each with its own defining characteristics and universal appeal. Some of my favorites are Harry's Bar, Margaret Duchamp and Skyline Rooftop Bar.

3) Gondola Ride

Riding a gondola on the canals is what everyone thinks of when they think of Venice. Although it comes at a steep price, if you’re looking to add a little romance to your day or to cross something off your bucket list, you definitely can’t go wrong with this adventure.

Tip: For the solo travelling ladies, be aware of the gondola drivers hitting on you and offering you a ride...they still expect you to pay ;)

4) Wander The Streets

Venice has over 400 bridges and is interlaced with 176 canals. It is made up of 115 islands and no cars or bikes are permitted so it makes for a unique walking experience. There are different walking tours you can do to get the history and layout of the land, but I found walking around and talking to the locals was one of the best ways to get to know the city.

5) Hang Out in St. Mark’s Square

Piazza San Marco, also known as St. Mark’s Square is known for being home to St. Mark’s Basilica, a Roman Catholic Church that was originally constructed in the early 800’s AD. You can take a free tour of the church, or opt out and grab a coffee and enjoy the square. Doge's Palace is located right beside the church as well as Campanile, so there is no shortage of things to see. You’ll find people playing with the pigeons, couples dancing in the streets and will without a doubt, feel the love in the air.

6) Visit the Bridge of Sighs

This bridge is made of white limestone, has windows with stone bars and connects the New Prison to the interrogation rooms in Doge's Palace. Legend has it that the bridge got its name after prisoners would let out a sigh as they caught their last view of Venice through the windows as they were on their way to their prison cells or the execution chamber.

7) Watch a Murano Glassmaking Demonstration

Murano is an island that is just a quick ferry ride from Venice that is very famous for its glass making. You can visit the Murano Glass Factory, see the cute town of Murano, and explore the glass blowing shops. Doing both Burano and Murano in the same day would be ideal, as you can hop on the 12 ferry line, which makes stops in both towns.

8) Check Out The Colorful Streets of Burano

Burano is an adorable little island best known for its brightly colored fishermen's houses and casual seafood eateries. It is an Instagrammer's dream! The island is also known for its lace making history, so don't forget to stop at a few shops and check out the pretty laced goods!

9) Get Some Gelato

When in doubt, Gelato is always the answer! With an unlimited selection of flavors around the city, its a good way to cool down, get a snack and it provides for a cute little photo op as well!

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